Biotechnology is a research-oriented field and one need to possess sound technical skills in order to get placed in a biotech or biopharmaceutical company. The competition in the biotechnology space is immense – both for getting a job or getting admission into a top university abroad. Hence, getting equipped with all the necessary skills – technical and soft is very critical to stay competitive in the biotechnology job market in India. Phytocom provides 6-month academic projects for final semester graduate and post-graduate students for the fulfilment of their degree in botany, agriculture, molecular biology, and biotechnology. The students are encouraged to register for academic projects and training.

Academic Project

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SL No: Duration of Dissertation/Project Fee in
1 1 Month 15,000/-
2 2-3 Months 25,000/-
3 4-6 Months 35,000/-
4 7-12 Months 60,000/-

Hands on Workshop


Modules Topics Experiments involved No. of Seats Fees per Seat
(18% GST Extra)
1 Next Generation Sequencing-Nano
pore Technology
DNA isolation, Barcoding, Library preparation, Sequencing,
Base calling, Sequence analysis, Data analysis
15 Rs. 21,666
2 Pilot scale Production and purification of
recombinant proteins in E.coli using 10L fermenter
Restriction Digestion, PCR, DNA purification, Cloning,
Transformation, Sanger Sequencing, Protein expression analysis,
SDS PAGE, Fermentation, Purification
1 Rs. 1,70,000
3 Gene cloning Restriction digestion, PCR, Cloning, Transformation, Recombinant
Selection by blue white screening, Plasmid isolation,
Sanger Sequencing
6 Rs. 8,000
4 PCR techniques RNA Isolation, cDNA preparation, qPCR, data analysis
(relative quantification and absolute quantification)
(SYBR green chemistry)
RNA Isolation, cDNA preparation, qPCR data analysis
(relative quantification and absolute quantification)
(TaqMan chemistry)
Rs. 16,000
5 Bioprospecting of microbes Serial dilution, microbial purification, DNA isolation, PCR, PCR
purification, Sanger sequencing, Phylogenetic tree
6 Rs.9,000
6 Bioprospecting , metabolite identification
by LC-MS
Serial dilution, microbial purification, DNA isolation, PCR, PCR
purification, Sanger sequencing, Phylogenetic tree.
Metabolite isolation from media, LC-MS
6 Rs.20,000
7 Animal Cell Culture From Cells thawing to freezing, Cytotoxicity, Minimum inhibitory
concentration (1control, 1 Test)
4 Rs.26,000

1. Early start of any module is possible if there are sufficient number of candidates. Please register by email.

2. During training candidates bring the experimental samples. For Module 4and 7the number of samples limited to one control and one test.

3. For the remaining only one sample is allowed.